Special Alloys

If a copper-zinc alloy has a nickel contingent of 9-26% it is called German silver. It has a silver-white shining surface and consists of 45-70% copper, 5-30% nickel and 8-45% zinc, optionally with an addition of e.g. lead, tin and iron.

Due to the nickel amount German silver is characterized by the particularly hardness and resistance to corrosion which enhances the mechanical properties (even at higher temperatures) and the deformability.

  • CW106C is a precipitation hardening alloy with good mechanical properties and high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is used for spot-welding electrodes and electrode wheels.
  • CW104C is a high-strength alloy for electrodes. With a special heat treatment it enhances a high hardness with good thermal and electrical conductivity. A heating over the softening temperatures of 500°C decreases the mechanical and physical values substantially.
  • CW101C has a medial electrical conductivity, a very high tensile strength in cured state and increased temperature stability.